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Absolute Beginner’s Guide to the Bible

Absolute Beginner’s Guide to the Bible
Absolute Beginner’s Guides
By Tom Head
Published by Pearson Education, Que Publishing
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The Absolute Beginner's Guide to the Bible introduces you to the bestselling and most influential book ever published.

The Bible is the core document of Western civilization, the pinnacle of world literature, and the backbone of three major world religions. To know the Bible is to know the world--and, many say, to know much more than the world. 

Yet those interested in learning more about this important work discover a surprising paradox: It is both widely discussed and widely ignored. The Bible is a formidable book, and many people love it from a comfortable distance but don't want to get too close. 

The Absolute Beginner's Guide to the Bible will help you close that distance and experience the Bible as it should be experienced, as a vibrant, living, and vital collection of texts that are just as inspiring and full of life today as they were thousands of years ago.

Get ready to feel like an expert right away. Inside The Absolute Beginner's Guide to the Bible, you'll learn how to:

• Find a translation or study Bible that's perfect for you.
• Interpret difficult Bible passages, taking into account their literary features and historical context.
• Appreciate the Bible's breadth. As a literary work, it includes poetry, philosophy, folk tales, history, theology, religious law, and even erotica.
• Understand the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) as the deeply Jewish document that it is--and learn the approaches that rabbis have traditionally used to interpret scripture.
• Recognize the courageous missionary spirit behind the New Testament, a collection of documents, secret and illegal at the time, that would later shape the faith of billions.

Trade Paperback | 336 pages | October 30, 2005