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High School and Young Adult

What is the State of Human Rights?

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Is Torture Ever Justified?

Presents articles that argue whether or not torture is ever justified and whether or not certain situations are considered torture, including the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse.
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The Future of the Internet

Essays cover viewpoints regarding the Internet's potential for both positive and negative social consequences, including invisible spying machinery, online voting systems, and economic development.
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Religion and Education

The U.S. public education system faces the challenging goal of providing a wholly secular educational experience to one of the most diverse religious populations on Earth. This volume examines controversies dealing with religion and education, including school prayer, the teaching of creationism in science classes, vouchers/school choice, and the under God language contained in the Pledge of Allegiance.
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As bombing escalated in South Vietnam, the domestic culture of the United States also changed in many important ways. Articles in this anthology cover a number of diverse topics including the rise of the black power movement, the founding of the National Organization for Women, and the arrest of serial killer Richard Speck.
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Possessions and Exorcisms

Over the past thirty years, there has been a growing demand for exorcists. Does this reflect a new awareness of demonic forces, or just a well-marketed pop culture phenomenon? This anthology explores the new debate over demonic possession.
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Mysterious Places

Explores mysterious places, both ancient and recent, that can provide a better understanding on how people think about the unknown.
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The Bill of Rights

Presents a collection of primary documents, including speeches, articles, and memoirs, about the the Bill of Rights, from such figures as Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Mary Wollstonecraft, and Earl Warren.
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Mikhail Gorbachev

Grade 11 Up-
In contrast to biographies that offer a single perspective, this volume is a compilation of excerpts from books and articles that were published from 1988 to 1998. The authors include prominent journalists who were often eyewitness observers; academics; a former ambassador to the Soviet Union; and two well-known Russians, physicist Andrei Sakharov and writer Tatyana Tolstaya. After an introductory essay presenting the period under consideration, the excerpts are grouped chronologically. An appendix with writings by and interviews with Gorbachev follows. There is surprisingly little repetition in the 18 excerpts, and in the section on the Cold War, two opposing views are offered. While the selections are all extremely well written and clear, readers without a basic understanding of this period of history may find the numerous unfamiliar names and references to various events difficult to absorb. Therefore, the book might best serve social studies teachers seeking supplementary readings to assign to highly motivated students.
Elizabeth Talbot, University of Illinois, Champaign
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