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Bears’ Guide to the Best Education Degrees by Distance Learning

Bears’ Guide to the Best Education Degrees by Distance Learning
Bears’ Guide
By Tom Head & John Bear & Mariah Bear & Thomas Nixon
Published by Ten Speed Press
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It's no mystery that one of the keys to improving our nation's schools is to staff them with better-qualified teachers. However, the traditional means for improving or gaining teaching skills-through an education degree or certificate program-can be time-consuming and costly, making it difficult for teachers and aspiring teachers to take their skills to the next level. Education authorities John and Mariah Bear have found the answer, and it's a surprisingly sensible and readily accessible one: distance learning. As the Bears' research reveals, over 100 top-notch programs offer fully accredited education degrees and teaching certificates that you can earn on your own time, from your own home, and within your budget. Whether you're looking to break into the profession with a certificate, boost your salary with a master's, or tackle educational theory with a doctorate, BEST EDUCATION DEGREES shows you how to choose and complete a great program without putting the rest of your life on hold. From the authors of the best-selling BEARS' GUIDE TO EARNING DEGREES BY DISTANCE LEARNING (over 400,000 copies sold). Covers all aspects of the field, including special education, administration, educational technology, and ESL teaching.

Trade Paperback | 144 pages | July 23, 2001