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Chance the Rapper: Making Music and Giving Back

Chance the Rapper: Making Music and Giving Back
The Hip-Hop Revolution
By Tom Head & Deirdre Head
Published by Enslow Publishing
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When Chancelor Bennett was a child growing up in Chicago, his parents instilled into him a strong work ethic. Little did they know that in a few years, their son would achieve an amazing number of accomplishments in the entertainment business. By putting his work on the internet for free, Chance showed a new generation of rappers that they can go directly to their fans to build an audience. In 2016, he became the first internet-based artist to win a Grammy. Eye-catching photographs, engaging sidebars, and revealing quotations show readers a different side of Chance the performer. They'll meet Chance the advocate, a man devoted to his family, faith, and hometown.

Library; Trade Paperback | 32 pages | July 15, 2019