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Chance the Rapper: Musician and Activist

Chance the Rapper: Musician and Activist
Stars of Hip-Hop
By Tom Head & Deirdre Head
Published by Enslow Publishing
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Chancelor Johnathan Bennett, better known as Chance the Rapper, grew up in West Chatham, a middle-class neighborhood in Chicago's South Side. His parents raised him to believe in himself and encouraged him to work hard. Now he is a popular and successful musician who challenged the music industry by foregoing the traditional record deal and releasing his own mixtapes through the internet for free. Simple text and vivid photographs will pull readers into Chance's rise to fame in the music world and budding acting career. Through sidebars and direct quotations, students will get to know the more personal side of the humble and devoted family man and education activist.

Library; Trade Paperback | 32 pages | July 15, 2019