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It’s Your World, So Change It

It’s Your World, So Change It
Using the Power of the Internet to Create Social Change
By Tom Head
Published by Pearson Education, Que Publishing
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"Head inserts a much-needed practical text into the emerging field of discourse around the Internet and activism." - St. Antony's International Review

"Do you admire those that make an impact with their brand of activism, but just can't quite seem to get yours off the ground? If so, then this is the book for you, because, in this excellent work, Tom Head essentially covers all the steps needed to become an online activist." - BCS

"The author provides real-world examples of effective websites, activist Twitter users, and action alerts." - sm*activism

There's been plenty of hype about the "netroots," and online activism on both the right and left. But most of it's been celebratory, not practical. This is a practical, start to finish guide to promoting any cause and participating in any social movement on the social Web. Long-time activist and online community expert Tom Head covers everything you need to know about e-activism, including: " Using the Web to find activism jobs and volunteer opportunities " Using Google Alerts, RSS feeds, and other tools to stay informed " Building cause-related web sites - even if you have practically no money or web experience " Engaging effectively on social networking sites " Promoting causes, events, or organizations without spamming " Getting more attention and links for a cause " Keeping allies informed via email, blogs, text messaging, and Twitter " Organizing local activists using global media, and using online activism to support on-the-ground work " Blogging to promote a cause: when it works, and when it's not worth it " Avoiding the common mistakes e-activists make

Trade Paperback | 216 pages | July 4, 2010