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Kanye West: Conquering Music and Fashion

Kanye West: Conquering Music and Fashion
The Hip-Hop Revolution
By Tom Head & Deirdre Head
Published by Enslow Publishing
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Since he was a child, Kanye West had always been considered intelligent and eager to work hard by the people in his life. He carried these traits into adulthood when he began his career as a music producer. When he turned his attention to music, he was catapulted into international fame, and Kanye continues to be one of the most talked about musical artists. Engaging text, insightful pull quotes, and intriguing sidebars reveal fascinating details about his unique childhood experiences, which drove him to succeed in the music and fashion industries, while colorful photographs draw readers closer into the artist's life story.

Library; Trade Paperback | 32 pages | July 15, 2019